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Specialising in vintage china, silverware, glassware, linen and other items suitable for your High Tea Party


The idea behind High Tea Hire

Maggie's passion with hiring out items from by gone years.


 Maggie Hanlon   Introducing Maggie Hanlon from High Tea Hire    

Why High Tea Hire in Napier? Maggie fell in love with the Art Deco era when she moved to Napier in 1996 and took part in the celebrations of the February Art Deco weekend. It reminded Maggie of her childhood days when her Grandmother, Grandfather with their eleven family members sat around the lounge having high tea from Grandma's beautiful fine china and silverware.

As a grandchild, with her 3 siblings, Maggie had her own special little tea set complete with four trio sets, sugar bowl, milk jug and a teapot that held one litre of homemade lemonade. She would sip her lemonade like a hot cup of tea, and enjoy the sponge butterfly cake with its dab of cream under the sponge wings which was placed on the side plate.  As there was no need for the sugar bowl, it was filled with some sort of sweets.............good old liquorice all sorts were Maggie’s favourite.

      Maggie’s childhood 1955 Tea set                                           Grandparents gifted Tea set.

 Maggie's childhood Tea Set                               Grandparents gifted Tea Set 

Often her Grandmother and her Mother would play the piano while the others sipped their tea, played a game of cards, or read a book.  Maggie still treasures those special moments with her descendants and has always had a passion for the traditional high tea since she received a beautiful Royal Albert tea set from her Grandparents in 1970.  

Maggie’s china cup collection has grown over the years and she has many different styles, colours, and brands of trios, along with several tea sets complete with milk jug, sugar bowl and cake plate. She has also added to her vintage collection many extra pieces from china sandwich platters, cake plates, to 3 tier cake stands, crystal, silverware and old fashioned linen.    

                      Assortment of Linen                                                        A typical vintage tea set   

Assortment of linen                                A typical vintage Tea set

With Napier being the Art Deco city of the World, it inspired Maggie and John to have an old fashioned wedding with all the old fashioned trimmings. So on the 11.11.11 Maggie and her partner John sealed their love for each other with an Art Deco wedding complete with a high tea supper.  She took the time to study the style, food, and serving ware for the 1920-40’s era. She thought of everything from the guests dressing in the 1930 - 40’s attire, maids wearing scalloped aprons, the waiter serving the champagne, to the centre-pieces on the tables of rhododendrons with trailing strings of pearls and feathers, along with an art deco theme handmade  name tags for the guests.  

A variety of hors d’oeuvre’s from pastries to asparagus rolls and old fashioned cucumber sandwiches were served as starters.  To complete the evening, a high tea supper was served on 3 tier cake stands with beautiful cup cakes, macaroons, and homemade chocolates along with tea and coffee served from Maggie’s fine china teapots and cups. 

             Guests in Art Deco attire                                                   Maggie, John and the Maids

Invited guests in Art Deco atire                                Maggie, John and the maids               

        Three tier plates with deserts.                                   Homemade table setting place name tags 

                  3 tier cake stand                                                Hand made table name tags

Maggie had been approached on many occasions if she would be prepared to share her collection of cups for special occasions for others to enjoy. After much consideration, Maggie has decided to bring back the art of the English High Tea by hiring out her fine china. Give Maggie a call or check out her web site to learn more about hiring some fine china for your special occasion. Maggie brings the chosen items to your venue and comes back to take away all the dirty dishes.

So let’s remember the years gone by and experience the joy and delights of an exquisite high tea event with your family and friends in your home, or a selected venue, place of business, and have your guests still talking about it in years to come.